Old CISC Publications

Design and Construction of Composite Floor Systems, Chien and Ritchie, 1984

The CISC publication entitled Design and Construction of Composite Floor Systems by E.Y.L. Chien and J.K. Ritchie (1984) is no longer in print. It is made available as a free download in PDF format for reference purposes. Design examples in this book are based on the CSA-S16.1-M84 Standard. Please refer to the current version of CSA-S16 for up-to-date design requirements.

Chapters 1-3 (21 MB)
Chapter 4(a) (15 MB)
Chapter 4(b) (13 MB)
Chapter 4(c) (13 MB)
Chapter 5 (15 MB)
Chapters 6-7 (25 MB)

Properties and Dimensions of Steel Sections in Old CISC Handbooks

Handbook of Steel Construction, 1st Edition, 1967

Welded Wide-Flange Shapes (1.3 MB)

Rolled Shapes (2.4 MB)
Wide-Flange Shapes (WF), Miscellaneous (M) and H-Beams, Light Beams (B), Junior Beams (Jr.),
Junior Channels (Jr.), Standard Beams (I), Standard Channels, H-Bearing Piles


Canadian Steel Construction, 2nd Edition, 1940

Rolled Shapes (1.1 MB)
American Standard Beams, American Standard Channels, H-Beams and Modified H-Beams