CISC Quality Certification provides the specifier with the knowledge that the company has a conforming quality management system with competence for the type of structure covered by the Standard.

Requirements for CISC Quality Certification

  • A company wishing to be certified for either Steel Bridges or Steel Structures must submit an application to the CISC.

  • The CISC Quality Certification programs are only available to plants located in Canada and the United States.
  • The company must demonstrate that they currently perform the applicable activities on an ongoing basis. Note that the CISC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny certification to any applicant.

The CISC currently offers two separate certification programs audited by a recognized third party Canadian auditing organization with experience in the steel fabrication industry

1. CISC Steel Structures Certification

  • This Quality Certification program is focused on the shop fabrication of steel structures, plate work, miscellaneous metals and short span steel bridges not involving three plate girders (or other welded plate shapes).

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2. CISC Steel Bridges Certification

  • This Quality Certification program is focused on the shop fabrication of steel bridges involving long span 3 plate girders or other advanced bridge shapes or designs.

  • The program fully meets the certification requirements of CSA S6.

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Become a CISC Quality Certified Fabricator

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The “CISC Steel Structures Certification” is a market differentiator in a crowded field of competitors. The certification provides our clients with the comfort of third party validation, certifying that we are knowledgeable and experienced in the building of structures and that we follow the relevant codes and standards in the execution of our work.
Walter Koppelaar, CEO & Chairman, Walters Group Inc.
As a CISC certified bridge fabricator, it sets us apart as specialists with the in-depth knowledge, experience and equipment required to fabricate steel bridges to the relevant codes and standards. Our customers are delighted the CISC has taken the lead in creating a world-class certification programme specific to the fabrication of steel bridges in Canada. It provides them the confidence they demand that their bridges will be fabricated by experts to the highest quality standards.
Paul King, MS, P.Eng., VP Engineering, Rapid-Span Group
I appreciate the effort that CISC takes to vet and certify high quality Members. When we put out a tender to the market, we specify the companies that are CISC certified when we can. It gives me peace of mind knowing that when we entrust a project to a Quality Certified CISC Member, we can expect a high level of consistency and quality where safety is paramount.
Terry Wilk, M.Eng., P.Eng., Principal, Stantec Consulting Ltd.