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Architectural Student Design Competition

Since it was originally conceived and launched 2001, this competition has been challenging architecture students to develop a deeper understanding of steel structures. Over the years, students have been encouraged to explore the essential relationship between architecture and structure for a given application.

The competition is meant to encourage architectural students to consult with experts, engineers and fabricators to arrive at a true understanding of the structural design and detailing requirements of an actual steel structure – taking the study of steel beyond the technical and into the realm of supposed application.

CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition

The Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition (CNSBC) is an annual competition that was created in partnership between CISC and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) in response to a need within the industry to give students a domestic alternative to the AISC/ASCE National Student Steel Bridge Competition. The inaugural CNSBC was hosted by McGill University May 13-15, 2016.

The CNSBC challenges students to participate in a comprehensive project that involves conception and design, fabrication, erection, and testing of a steel bridge structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy. The competition increases students’ awareness of real-world engineering issues.


“The focus of the Steel Bridge Competition has always been and will remain to be about students learning through teamwork, collaboration and goal setting. Their passion, vision, hard work, dedication and commitment have been the premise of their achievements; achievements that were witnessed by both winning or losing, for in both cases a golden opportunity unfolded for the students to learn and grow. The CISC is a proud partner of this event, we have and will continue to support and mentor our future Engineers of tomorrow”.

Hellen Christodoulou, Ph.D. Ing., B.C.L., LL.B., M.B.A., CISC



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