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Building the Future of the Steel Construction Industry

In partnership with the steel industry, the CISC’s Education & Research Foundation is committed to the development of progressive educational programs and to the support for innovative and industry-leading research advancements. Our Education & Research programs have been established to address the specific needs of industry development and are geared towards providing support to those who are dedicated to the improvement of steel construction.

With regular consultation with members from the steel industry, we aim to provide support to designers, constructors, regulators, educators, and students enrolled in engineering and architectural schools across the country.

Giving Philosophy

Strengthening Our Commitment to Education & Research

The Education & Research Foundation is a firm believer in investing in our tomorrow today. We are committed to excellence in design and construction in the steel industry, as well as ensuring quality for the future. We remain dedicated to supporting the next generation of steel professionals through various programs and direct funding for research and education at leading Canadian educational institutions.

Our Education & Research programs continue to help students and steel professionals discover innovative steel solutions to solve the most complex design and construction challenges while positioning steel as the material of choice.


“The CISC Steel Centre is unique amongst industry-university partnerships because we see our relationship with industry reaching far beyond traditional research activities. We are working to tackle big ideas that imagine and transform the future of structural steel, and utilize our tight relationship with our member companies to take engineering education far beyond what’s possible in conventional university programs.”

Dr. Robert Driver, Steel Structures Professor & Director of the Steel Centre

“As the steel industry navigates through challenges from steel tariffs and safeguards, it reinforces our need to invest in the future through education and research. With great knowledge and comprehension, we can position steel as the material of choice. The ERC remains committed to enhancing the steel industry by supporting education and research through numerous ongoing initiatives and activities”

Michael Holleran, ERC Council Chairman

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for your commitment to making the steel industry so successful!