Organized by the CSCE in partnership with the CISC.

Civil Engineering students are challenged to an intercollegiate competition that supplements their education with a comprehensive, student-driven project experience from conception and design through fabrication, erection, and testing, culminating in a steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy.

The Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition increases awareness of real-world engineering issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, strength, serviceability, fabrication and erection processes, safety, aesthetics, project management, and costs. Success in competition requires the application of engineering principles and theory, and effective teamwork. Future engineers are stimulated to innovate, practise professionalism, and use structural steel efficiently.

Students design and erect a steel bridge by themselves but may consult with faculty and other advisors. Students gain maximum benefit if they fabricate the entire bridge themselves. However, because appropriate shop facilities and supervision are not available at all universities, students may use the services of a commercial fabricator if they develop the work orders and shop drawings, and observe the operations. Students are encouraged to maximize their involvement in fabrication.

The Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition provides design and management experience, opportunity to learn fabrication processes, and the excitement of networking with and competing against teams from other colleges and universities.

Fun. Engineering. Team Spirit.
The Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition

2023 Competition Details :

Dates: May 10-13, 2023

Location: Western University

Congratulations to the Top Canadian Team of the 2022 Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition, University of British Columbia!

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC)’s Education & Research Council Chairman, J. Craig Martin (CWB Group) presented a new $2,500 award at this year’s National Steel Bridge Competition to recognize the Canadian Team with the highest combined scores in construction economy and structural efficiency.

The winner of the $2,500 prize was the University of British Columbia.

On behalf of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), Hellen Christodoulou, Director Steel Market and Industry Development presented the prize of $ 2,500 to the Top Canadian Team. The winner was the University of British Columbia.

The CISC has been a proud partner of the National Steel Bridge Competition #CNSBC with the CSCE from the outset. We have and will continue to support and mentor our future engineers. A big thank you to all thee sponsors and the CISC Regions for their continued support:

CWB Group
Acier Altitube Inc. / Altitube Steel Inc.
Acier Picard inc.
Algonquin Bridge Limited
Canam Groupe
CIMA+ Partenaire de Génie
Corbec inc.
Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.
Elema Experts-Conseils
Fluor Canada Ltd.
George Third & Son
Graitec Inc.
Lainco inc.
Morrison Hershfield Ltd.
Reliable Tube Inc.
RJC Engineers
Russel Metals
SNC Lavalin inc.
Sperling Industries
Sperling Industries Ltd.
Steelcon Fabrication Inc.
Supreme Steel LP
Walters Inc.


“The focus of the Steel Bridge Competition has always been and will remain to be about students learning through teamwork, collaboration and goal setting. Their passion, vision, hard work, dedication and commitment have been the premise of their achievements; achievements that were witnessed by both winning or losing, for in both cases a golden opportunity unfolded for the students to learn and grow. The CISC is a proud partner of this event, we have and will continue to support and mentor our future Engineers of tomorrow”.

Hellen Christodoulou, Ph.D. Ing., B.C.L., LL.B., M.B.A., CISC