The new 12th edition of the Handbook of Steel Construction based on CSA S16:19, Design of steel structure, is now available.

Published by the CISC since 1967, the Handbook of Steel Construction is the standard reference for the design and detailing of structural steel in Canada. The 12th Edition has been updated to reflect changes to CSA S16:19 and the steel section data. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the National Building Code of Canada 2020. Member design tables are based on steel grades ASTM A992, A572 Grade 50, A913 Grade 65, A500 Grade C and CSA G40.21-350W.

Comprising 8 parts, the contents include CSA S16:19, the CISC Commentary on S16:19, Connections and Tension Members, Compression Members, Flexural Members, Properties and Dimensions, CISC Code of Standard Practice and Miscellaneous Data, and a General Index.

Figure 1
Handbook 12th Edition

The following are the major changes since the previous edition:

▪ Part 1 – CSA S16:19 contains new provisions for built-in cantilevers, single angles used as beams, bolt holes in beam flanges, Gerber girders, HSS members used as beam-columns, new seismic systems including moderately ductile plate walls and truss moment-resisting frames, inelastic analysis and third-party inspection.

▪ Part 2 – The CISC Commentary on CSA S16:19 has been updated to cover new provisions and systems.

▪ Part 3 – Connections and Tension Members: High-strength and twist-off bolt grades are referenced in accordance with ASTM F3125/F3125M. The range of eccentricities in tables for eccentrically loaded bolt groups has been extended. Net section calculations for framed beam shear connections are based on updated bolt hole diameters in S16:19. Additional details are provided to explain how tabulated resistances were calculated.

▪ Part 4 – Compression Members: Tables of factored axial compression resistances are now based only on the effective area method in accordance with S16:19.

▪ Part 5 – Flexural Members: The Beam Selection and Beam Load Tables provide shear resistances for beams subject to combined shear and moment. A new design table has been introduced for beams with flange holes. See Figure 2.

Figure 2
Beams with Flange Holes

▪ Part 6 – Properties and Dimensions: New W-shape sections listed in the latest ASTM A6/A6M standard and 38 new large (jumbo) hollow structural (HSS) sections produced to CSA G40.20/G40.21 and ASTM A500 have been added to the tables of properties and dimensions. Tables have been expanded to include the new asymmetry parameter (βw) for laterally unsupported unequal-leg angles and detailing dimensions (a, k, k1) for structural tees.

▪ Part 7 – CISC Code of Standard Practice and Miscellaneous Data: M/D ratios for contour protection of beams and columns are now provided for all member sizes listed.