Canada to begin reporting “Country of Melt and Pour” regarding steel imports – Government of Canada

Link to official Government of Canada document: Canada to make steel supply chain more transparent  –

As of November 5th, 2024, it will be mandatory for Steel importers to Canada to document and report where their raw steel material has originated from when attempting to pass through Canadian customs and at the border.

Under Canada’s Steel Import Monitoring Program steel importers will be required to begin tracking and reporting the country of origin for their raw steel materials when passing through Canadian Customs and the Canadian Border Services Agency. This initiative, co-named Country of Melt & Pour, is expected to provide an extra layer of supply-chain transparency for all raw steel material entering the Canadian market.

The government has chosen to implement a “phased-in approach” giving businesses until November 5th, 2024 to begin registering and submitting this data. At this moment, steel importers can voluntarily disclose this information but are not yet legally required to do so.


More information and details can be found via the official government news release: Canada to make steel supply chain more transparent  –