The CISC is committed to providing funding for engineering & architecture students who demonstrate a strong interest & commitment to studies related to steel construction


“I’ve always had an interest in steel as a structural material, but being awarded the Jackson Fellowship was like an endorsement from the industry confirming that what I was researching as a PhD student had merit and helped to advance the use of steel in buildings. The Fellowship encouraged me to continue with a career in research and education related to the design and construction of steel structures.”

Robert Driver – 1993, University of Alberta

“Without the GJ Jackson Fellowship I would not have been able to pursue a doctorate in engineering. The PhD broadened my work opportunities through Skarborn Engineering, in both steel and aluminum design and welding engineering.”

Susan Guravich – 1995, Skarborn Engineering

“A few tens of thousands of dollars invested in the steel education of one graduate student might be the tipping point for millions of extra dollars of steel construction being design over their careers. I believe it’s a solid, long-term payback for the steel industry.”

Jeff DiBatista – 1997, Dialog

“I give a lot of credit to the GJ Jackson Fellowship and the CISC for sparking a life-long interest in learning about steel design and about the steel industry.  I have had the honour to share that excitement and knowledge to students who may one day work for the steel industry.”

Maura Lecce - 2000, Seneca College

“The GJ Jackson Fellowship gave me an incentive to spend some of the most formative years of my life thinking about steel. Not only did the time I spent on research have potential to improve how steel is used, but it also created an opportunity for me to work as a teaching assistant and course instructor, getting younger students excited about steel.”

Lydell Wiebe – 2005, McMaster University

“Winning the G.J. Jackson Fellowship was a critical ingredient in the founding and success of my company, Cast Connex, which in turn benefits the steel industry through our promotion of structural steel as a building material of choice for architecturally exposed structures.”

Michael Gray – 2006, Cast Connex

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