Several CISC regions provide bursaries at the undergraduate and graduate level:

Alberta Post Graduate Scholarship Award ($15,000)

Application Information

$15,000 University Scholarship Award


The G. L. Kulak Scholarship is an annual award available to postgraduate students doing research in structural steel to encourage them to work and remain in the steel industry.

Written submission as to the research to be undertaken and the expected results are accompanied by references from University of Alberta professors as well as their academia scores. These submittals are then sent to the committee for review and determination.

The award is presented annually at the joint meeting with the CISC Alberta Region and the University of Alberta normally held in April.

2016 Kulak Scholarship Recipients

Safa Masajedian’s 2016 Kulak Scholarship Presentation

Victoria Buffam 2016 Kulak Scholarship Presentation

Central Region Post Graduate Scholarship Award ($10,000)

Application Information

$10,000 University Scholarship Award

The Central Regional Committee has established an annual scholarship award in the amount of $10,000, which is presented to a graduate student(s) involved in structural steel research that have graduated from a Central Region University and are pursuing post Graduate Research at another University.

The Central Regional Committee of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) establishes this award for two purposes: first, to honour Canadian steel engineering graduates who are pursuing an advanced degree in Steel Structures Research; and second, to encourage them in their education by assisting them financially.

Please click here to download a PDF with more information and the application process.

Ontario University Scholarship Awards ($2,000)

2011 Awards

$2,000 University Scholarship for Structural Steel Design Studies

The Ontario Regional Committee awarded scholarships in 2011 to students who excelled in their steel design courses, seven of which were presented to engineering students and two to architectural students. Chosen recipients were selected based on input from their professors at each respective institution. The 2011 Scholarships went to:

  • Carleton University – Jacob Hertz
  • McMaster University – Matthew Scott
  • Ryerson University, Architectural
  • Ryerson University, Engineering – Bradley Maguire
  • University of Toronto, Architectural
  • University of Toronto, Engineering – Izabela Bugan
  • University of Western Ontario – Graeme Johnston
  • Waterloo University – Kan Zhang
  • Windsor University

Please join us in congratulating the recipients.

The awards were given out as part of the 21st annual Spring Reception held May 19, 2011 in Mississauga.

The awards are given by CISC Ontario in partnership with the member sponsors of the program.

  • Dymin Steel
  • M & G Steel
  • Mirage Steel
  • Telco Steel Works
  • Walters Inc.

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