On March 29, Jagmeet Singh, federal NDP leader, visited George Third & Son Ltd., a CISC member and steel fabricator in British Columbia. Singh met with the many workers of the manufacturing plant and toured the facility.

“We have a strong and vibrant industry…that needs to be protected,” said Singh. “I wanted to see firsthand the skill and the expertise that we have here.”

British Columbia’s steel industry is composed of a variety of small to large steel companies and suppliers that employ skilled trades and create direct and indirect business opportunities.

The success of the steel industry in Vancouver and in British Columbia, is achieved by the support of smaller businesses. These companies strengthen the supply chain by providing specialized services at a globally competitive price.

Ed Whalen, President & CEO of the CISC, joined Singh during his tour to discuss the importance of recognizing the active steel industry in B.C., as well as nationwide. Despite the misconception, our Canadian steel fabricators have the capability and infrastructure to supply large steel projects, including the proposed LNG plants in the west coast.