The CISC Awards for Excellence in Steel Construction are the most prestigious signature events across Canada.

Teams are rewarded for excellence for the realization of their exceptional projects in steel. Projects showcase complexity, innovation, beauty, uniqueness, and originality, amongst many other noteworthy attributes. Hundreds of nominations are received yearly; Engineers, Architects, Fabricators, Contractors and developers, as key stakeholders of the steel construction industry submit their projects individually or in teams. The best finalists are picked by a distinguished jury of renown Architects, Engineers and Steel Industry connoisseurs, and the winners in the various categories are selected and announced at the Awards Ceremony and dinner. These ceremonies offer an opportunity for the teams to shine and for all industry to appreciate, admire and applaud the immensely talented Canadian Steel Industry.

2019 Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence

Celebrating Excellence in Steel

The 2019 Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence was held on May 2, 2019 in the expansive Alberta Ballroom at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

The 2019 Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence showcased exceptional steel design for projects in 7 categories. This event has grown to become the largest steel design awards program in Canada and has become known as the Academy Awards of steel design. We encouraged all architects, design engineers and project team members who have completed steel projects to submit them under one of the 7 award categories for the consideration of our judges. The Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence seeks to recognize and reward excellence in steel design and promote the exceptional benefits of building with steel.

Award Categories

We encourage all architects, design engineers and project team members who have completed steel projects to submit them under one of the 7 award categories for the consideration of our judges.

Architectural Award
Steel structures in which architectural considerations significantly influence the design, particularly those with exposed steelwork.  (All building types)

*NEW Bridge Award
An award for a steel bridge project that demonstrates outstanding use of steel in design and construction.

Engineering Award
Steel structures in which engineering considerations and the efficient use of steel in unique applications are the significant factor.  (All building types)

Sustainability Award
Steel structure in which steel has been used or re-used as part of a sustainable development project that aims to improve environmental impact of the structure by using established and innovative practices, standards and technologies.

Building Communities Award
Steel structures created as part of a community development project with a focus on serving community needs. This includes, but is not limited to, municipal government projects, not for profit companies, public art installations and other installations (all building types and structures). Projects that impact and enhance the community around them will be considered.

Collaboration Award
An award for a project team who demonstrates “value added” to the project through collaborative project delivery approaches throughout the design and/or construction process. Factors for consideration will include:
– Early involvement of key participants
– Shared risk and reward based on project outcome
– Joint project control
– Jointly developed and validated targets
– Large team meetings for design and resolution communication and planning
– Innovative use of technology
Focus for the Collaboration award is on the successful delivery of the collaborative process. Final design quality will remain a consideration

Steel Edge Award
An open category looking for tremendous innovation and ingenuity in the application of steel design, fabrication, detailing or finishing. For example:
– Steel is used in a nonconventional way,
– Steel application addresses a particular complexity
– Steel address a resource or application challenge
This may be innovation within an entire project or a single project element


We would like to extend a special thank you to the 2019 Judging Panel for all their hard work.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Judged by:

Carol Belanger, City Architect, City of Edmonton
Margie Shenduck, Director of Operations, Casman Group

Brian Sinclair, Professor of Architecture & Environmental Design, University of Calgary
Alexandra Trovato, Instructor Construction Engineering Technology, NAIT
James Yi, Subject Manager Expert, Chief Engineer – Civil Structural, Worley Parsons

Projects Awarded

The finalists compete for Awards in categories of architectural, bridge, engineering, sustainability, building communities, collaboration and the steel edge award.

This home for a young family was the foundation for an experimental re- imagination of how a house could be conceived and constructed while still respecting its established surroundings. The clients envisioned a series of active and passive recreational spaces for their family. This is manifested into a seamless series of living spaces that support free communication and interaction within the house. As a generator of privacy and expression, a folded metal carapace roof is wrapped around the formal program of the house, simultaneously shielding it from encroaching site conditions and opening it to a western lawn. East- facing bedrooms puncture the protective carapace to catch the morning sun and acknowledge the neighbours.

Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley is the largest urban parkland in North America. The top of the river bank (downtown) is cut off from the valley and trail system below by an unfortunate network of roadways, a steep slope, and an elevation change of 50 m.

The large elevation difference and steep slopes of the river valley are part of its great beauty, but also makes access difficult for users with mobility challenges. The Mechanized River Valley Access project addresses this challenge—rich in the potential to engage every person, regardless of mobility, in an elegant and organic narrative with the city’s ribbon of nature.

The journey includes a funicular and wide urban stair, promenade, park, pedestrian bridge, 19 m cantilever lookout, elevator, and stairs.

Valued at over $200 million, Edmonton Tower is a 618,000 square foot glass edifice that sits in the heart of the busy ICE District and ascends 27 floors into the sky. This AAA commercial office development has a unique curved façade, dramatic floor-to-ceiling perimeter glazing, expansive tower floor plates, a grand public lobby, a childcare service with accessible pick-up and drop-off from the parkade, public art on display outside the building, and pedways leading to downtown amenities. With unparalleled features and comforts, this transformative project
is home to over 2,000 hard-working Edmontonians and testament to our team’s dedication to quality and community.

The pedestrian overpass at 61st Avenue and Macleod Trail SW is a long-anticipated connection across Macleod Trail with an extension directly into the second floor of Chinook Centre. The primary objectives of the project were to provide improved connectivity between adjoining properties, alleviate traffic congestion, and provide a safer, more inviting crossing over Macleod Trail.

RJC, as Prime Consultant on the project, developed multiple bridge alignments, access structure options, and unique span configurations. The project is cost- shared between the City of Calgary and Cadillac Fairview, involves complex legal land considerations, and exists within a busy pedestrian and vehicle environment. Additional challenges overcome during design include: a broad extent of buried utilities, minimal available land, and traffic signals in close proximity to the span.

Buildings of 2018, the New Central Library, located in Calgary’s East Village, is one of Alberta’s most important and distinctive cultural institutions, with signature design by Snøhetta and Architect of Record, DIALOG.

Since opening, the library has been celebrated for incorporating design-forward features, including an interlocking hexagonal façade and a western cedar clad grand entryway portal inspired by Alberta’s Chinook Arches.

With striking architectural design constructed atop Calgary’s busiest LRT line, the library aims to serve its community with passion and inspire life stories. Its design places a strong emphasis on public accessibility and community-oriented spaces with 80% of the building, including collections areas, allocated to public space.

The Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton creates a striking new entrance into the downtown and a unique gathering place in the heart of North America’s largest urban parkland. The bridge is a gracious, single span, twin through-arch steel structure, spanning 206 m (greater than the length of two football fields) from bank to bank across the North Saskatchewan River in the heart of Edmonton. It carries three lanes of northbound vehicle traffic, a sidewalk to the west of the roadway and a separated footbridge or shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists to the east. The result is a signature structure that blends with its natural setting and creates a landmark gateway to the city’s downtown.

The Stanley A. Milner Library, located in the heart of downtown Edmonton across from Churchill Square, originally opened in 1967 and in 2014, City Council approved funding for a top to bottom revitalization and renewal project of the 50 year old concrete structure. The overall project consists of major demolition, hazardous material abatement, removal of the existing facade and installation of a new structural steel facade, interior steel seismic reinforcements of existing concrete columns, stair and access ramps, installation of open web steel joists, floor/roof decking, site development on the south side and a new lower level connection from the Library interior to the LRT.

Innovative uses of structural steel to support the dramatically contoured facade were achieved through a creative system of trusses. Other steel highlights included a slender reading ramp that wraps around the open atrium space, and the design and installation of a steel cross brace lateral system within the existing concrete structure.



Montreal House – Winner CISC 2019 – Montreal House – Architecture Award,

New Central Library CISC 2019 – New Central Library – Architecture Award

Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal – CISC 2019 – Stanley A. Milner Library – Architecture Award


MAX Purple Transitway Shelters CISC 2019 – MAX Purple Bus Shelter – Engineering Award

Mechanized River Valley Access – Winner CISC 2019 – Mechanized River Valley Access – Engineering Award

New Central Library CISC Short – Engineering – New Central Library


Edmonton Tower – Winner CISC 2019 – Edmonton Tower – Sustainability Award

Enoch Cree National (K-12 School) CISC 2019 – Enoch School – Sustainability Award,

Mechanised River Valley Access CISC Short – Sustainability – Mechanized River Valley Access


61st Avenue S.W. Pedestrian Bridge – Winner CISC 2019 – Pedestrian Bridge – Collaboration Award,

Calgary International Airport Baggage Handling Replacement CISC 2019 – Airport Baggage Handling – Collaboration Award

Sakaw Terrace CISC 2019 – Sakaw Terrace – Collaboartion Award

Building Communities:

Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton CISC 2019 – YMCA – Building Communities

MAX Purple Transitway Shelters CISC Short – Building Communities – MAX Purple Bus Shelters

Mechanized River Valley Access CISC Short – Building Communities – Mechanized River Valley Access

New Central Library – Winner CISC Short – Building Communities – New Central Library


61st Avenue S.W. Pedestrian Bridge CISC Short – Bridge – 61st Ave Pedway

Mechanized River Valley Access CISC Short – Bridge – Mechanized River Valley Access

Walterdale Bridge – Winner CISC 2019 – Walterdale Bridge – Bridge Award,

Steel Edge:

Edmonton Tower CISC Short – Steel Edge – Edmonton Tower

Montreal House CISC Short – Steel Edge – Montreal House

Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal – Winner CISC Short – Steel Edge – Stanley A Milner Library

Technology and Trades Renewal and Innovation Project, Lethbridge College CISC 2019 – Lethbridge College – Steel Edge Award,


Thank you to all the sponsors of the CISC Alberta Steel Design Awards