The CISC Awards for Excellence in Steel Construction are the most prestigious signature events across Canada.

Teams are rewarded for excellence for the realization of their exceptional projects in steel. Projects showcase complexity, innovation, beauty, uniqueness, and originality, amongst many other noteworthy attributes. Hundreds of nominations are received yearly; Engineers, Architects, Fabricators, Contractors and developers, as key stakeholders of the steel construction industry submit their projects individually or in teams. The best finalists are picked by a distinguished jury of renown Architects, Engineers and Steel Industry connoisseurs, and the winners in the various categories are selected and announced at the Awards Ceremony and dinner. These ceremonies offer an opportunity for the teams to shine and for all industry to appreciate, admire and applaud the immensely talented Canadian Steel Industry.

The CISC Ontario Awards for Excellence in Steel Construction 2022

November 10, 2022

Princess’ Gates Ballroom
Hotel X, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Registration @ 6 pm
Reception @ 6:30 pm
Dinner & Awards Ceremony @ 7:30 pm
Post Reception @ 9 pm


    • $2,160.00 / Table of 10
    • $290.00 / Single Ticket
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Award Categories

We encourage all architects, design engineers and project team members who have completed steel projects to submit them under one of the 7 award categories for the consideration of our judges.

→ Submission Information and Criteria
→ Project Categories

Project Submission

Intention to submit deadline: August 31st, 2022


Architectural Walkways/ Pedestrian Bridge Projects
Projects will be rewarded for the architectural expression of the project and the surrounding environment, ingenuity, originality.

Bridge Projects
Projects will be rewarded for the architectural expression of the project, ingenuity, and originality. Some important factor to also consider-environmental impact of the project, span length advantages, improved life-expectancy-prefabricated components.

Commercial / Residential Projects
The project team must demonstrate the architectural expression of the work, innovative approaches and / or technical challenges that were overcome.

Erection (Ingenuity/Constructability)
The Engineer, Fabricator or Erector must describe the original approach adopted to carry out a project or a part of a project at term; Creativity and innovation during construction; Ingenuity or method of construction; Constructability of the project; Innovative and creative solutions.

Institutional / Industrial Projects
Will be rewarded for structural efficiency, architectural expression, functionality, and installation (erection) of the structure.

Renovation/Retrofit Projects
Will be rewarded for the architectural expression of the project, the ingenuity of solutions and use of hybrid materials, where applicable.

Young Architects / Engineers
The Architect or Engineer must describe the original approach used to bring a project or part of a project to fruition. This person must be under 40 years of age on January 1st, 2022 and must be sponsored by a practitioner in the context of a construction project.

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