ASTM F1554 covers three grades of anchor rods: Grade 36 (248 MPa), Grade 55 (380 MPa) and Grade 105 (724 MPa). The vast majority of anchor rods (as defined in CSA S16-14) are used to position, level and secure base plates for concentrically loaded gravity columns. Note: The expression “anchor rod” has replaced “anchor bolt” in order to avoid confusion with bolts produced to ASTM A325 and A490.


Fabricators have traditionally supplied these anchor rods manufactured from round bar stocks produced to ASTM A36 (or CSA G40.21 300W). Since the introduction of ASTM F1554, Grade 36 products fill this role. Grades 55 and 105 are produced to meet higher specified strengths. In addition, when specified in the purchased order as a ‘supplementary requirement,’ they are supplied to meet specific Charpy notch-toughness with test values.


For more information on anchor rods, washers and hole sizes for base plates, refer to Part Four of the 11th edition of the CISC Handbook.