“What is the CISC?

A majestic ivory tower dominating the skyline of a great metropolis with hundreds of people working with, developing and designing steel. This is what I imagined the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) was thirty years ago when I started as a steel detailing apprentice. Today, I understand the institute is much more dynamic than I assumed. Not confined to a single building, but a nationwide membership with thousands of people reaching beyond Canadian borders. A community of leaders that are committed to offering the most innovative and competitive solutions for steel construction.”

So, what has this community of leaders been engaged with in the past year?

Our leaders have banded together to stand firm on trade cases, tariffs, free and fair-trade challenges. Our leaders have been promoting advantages and debunking myths of steel in publications, on our website and on social media.  Access and transfer of knowledge is under continuous improvement with online course delivery, the development of modules, guides, and apps for mobile devices. Our Leaders have been busy.

Our leaders on the CISC Board and Senior staff have been busy too and very engaged with finalizing a strategic plan.  Over the past year, an updated strategy evolved based on these pillars: All things Technical; Promotion of the Industry; Advocacy; and CISC Certification & Accreditation all based on the foundation of Membership Engagement.

We understand that the greatness of the CISC rests on the foundations of engagement of members. The CISC must continue to facilitate the engagement of its members.  Specifically, the engagement of CISC Members in educating, advocating, and promoting our industry.

This had led to some structural changes in how the CISC is organized.  This restructure will ensure that all members from across the country have access and support for these pillars.  The CISC team will be able to deploy virtual support to members in any region leveraging all the expertise within the CISC.  This will require a culture shift not only with the staff of the CISC, but also within the regions of the CISC.  Regional CISC Leaders will need to initiate the engagement of staff and the regional and national membership.

Renewed engagement and collaboration will bring together owners, developers, architects, engineers, educators, suppliers and fabricators to focus on specific challenges and developing new opportunities, plans and solutions.

The CISC membership will be enabled to engage and collaborate in national or regional initiatives.  Regional and National participation: in scholarships and research activities in the ERC; in the newly formed Trade or Safety committees; in specific advocacy campaigns; in the existing National Bridge Committee; in the development of codes & standards; in the hosting of webinars, seminars, trade shows, conferences, design awards and events. Regional and National participation: in the support of the Architectural Student Design Competition and the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition; in receiving training and course work, modules and guides; in achieving certifications and accreditations; and in contributing content to publications and social media.

Engagement and collaboration bring us together and makes us stronger.  Engaging our membership and the industry is the key to our success.  I ask that our community of leaders engage.

Todd Collister, P.Eng.

The Chairman of the Board