Bashar Hariri
Bashar HaririPolytechnique Montréal
PhD Candidate (4th Year)
Supervisor: Robert Tremblay, B.SC.A. (Laval), M.Sc (Laval), Ph.D. (UBC), Professor, École Polytechnique

Bashar Hariri has started his Ph.D. studies at Polytechnique Montréal in January 2019. He has successfully completed his course requirements in the Fall of 2019 and is now involved on a full-time basis in his research project on the seismic design of steel buckling restrained braced frames for tall building structures.

Mr. Hariri’s research project focuses on the seismic response and design of innovative steel braced frames for tall building applications. Theses frames can be designed with buckling restrained bracing members or braces equipped with friction energy dissipation end connections that act in series. In the proposed configuration, chevron bracing is used and one of the two braces at every level is a conventional brace designed to remain elastic to create with the beam positive post-yielding storey stiffness and self centering capability when yielding or slip occurs in the other brace. This results in stable hysteretic response for the frame. In his project, Bashar is conducting extensive analyses to fully assess the seismic performanceof the proposed braced frame system and propose proposer configurations and specific design requirements for given seismic demand levels and building height ranges. He also works on developing simple design procedures for each of the proposed systems.

2021-2022 G. J. Jackson Fellowship