Canada’s energy sector generates employment nationwide and substantial tax revenues provincially and federally. Future investment and the viability of oil, gas and mining developments depend on sufficient and economical market access. The expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline is not only necessary for the economical benefits it provides the industry, the province and Canada, it is also the safest.


In November of 2016, the federal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, an addition to the existing pipeline that carries crude and refined oil from Alberta through British Columbia. The expansion plan proposes a twinned pipeline that will increase the current capacity of resources being transported by more than double. Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has since vetoed this ruling as of August 2018 and has put a halt on construction for this project altogether.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is an infrastructure project that is intended to increase the reach of oil companies to Canada’s west coast. The construction of this pipeline is projected to substantially contribute to the Canadian economy, generating employment nationwide and supporting the companies that supply the project, including the steel construction industry.


Create More Jobs

The expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline will create a range of new short-term and long-term jobs with direct and indirect job openings. These include opportunities for pipeline workers, suppliers and contractors to produce and fabricate over 980 km of steel pipe, as well as 12 new pumping facilities. Additionally, new job-related training opportunities will also become available for all Canadians.


Transport Sustainably

Pipelines have proven to be the safest and most sustainable way of transporting energy resources across Canada and into other markets. This method of transportation generates the smallest environmental footprint compared to rail or truck, producing up to 77% less greenhouse gas emissions than both alternatives.


Reach Global Markets

Alberta’s oil industry continues to grow rapidly and provides opportunities to build relationships with new global markets at a competitive price. The expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline will provide the means to reach current and new trading partners around the world and will position Canada as a premier source of energy internationally.


Generate Revenue

The economic impacts of the proposed pipeline expansion will boost the Canadian economy and provide our communities, businesses and the federal government more money to invest back into Canada. By gaining a competitive price on our products and distributing to a larger market, this project will earn approximately $3.7 billion more per year.




The CISC recognizes the importance of safe, sufficient and economical market access and supports the future investment and the viability of oil, gas and mining developments. It is essential for Canada and its industries to export and have access to world markets.