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Day 4 – November 18, 2021
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET

11:00 AM

Modular Bridge Structures

Fergus McIlraith, P.Eng
Ontario Sales Manager

Algonquin Bridge designs and supplies a wide variety of steel bridge solutions for installations across Canada and beyond. In addition to a full range of custom-designed prefabricated bridges, Algonquin offers a range of “Bailey Bridge” style Modular Panel Bridges for permanent or temporary applications including emergency rental bridges. The focus of this presentation will be on the applications and sustainability of modular bridging.

11:30 AM

Steel Girder Transportation

Paul King, P. Eng.
V. P. Engineering

As Canada undergoes a much-needed renewal of our infrastructure system, the need for steel bridges is increasing. Spans are getting longer, and loads are getting heavier, which means girder segments are getting larger. Transporting steel girders from the fabricator’s plant to the bridge site can be one of the most challenging parts of a project. Decisions made early at the design stage can affect the ability to economically transport girders to site. This presentation will touch on some of the challenges bridge fabricators face delivering steel girders, provide some practical guidance on common limitations for girder weights and dimensions, and showcase some interesting solutions to allow girders make it to site.

12:00 PM

Orthotropic Bridge Decks

Paul Burke, P. Eng.
Senior Structural Engineer & Partner HARBOURSIDE ENGINEERING

Blair Nakatsu, P. Eng.

Orthotropic steel bridge decks have been utilized on long span bridges throughout the world since the mid 1900’s. Generally, they consist of a system of a flat steel deck plate stiffened by a series of longitudinal steel ribs and transverse steel floor beams. This results in a system that has differing stiffness in the longitudinal and transverse directions hence the name orthotropic.

This presentation will focus on both the design and the fabrication of modern orthotropic steel bridge decks from the view of a practicing design Engineer (Mr. Paul Burke) and an experienced fabricator (Mr. Blair Nakatsu). The design discussion will present a historical context of orthotropic deck use and current application. A high-level overview of the current design requirements from the Canadian context will be provided including the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CSA S6-19, along with other pertinent design guidance from AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and FHWA Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges. An overview of specific advantages and challenges with the system will also be discussed. The fabrication discussion will address some of the challenges of making orthotropic deck.

12:30 PM

Rapid Bridge Replacement (RBR)
Various forms

Steve Matthews
G.S.C. / Area Manager
Structural Steel and Bridge Division
E.S. Fox Ltd.

The Structural Steel Division of E.S. Fox Limited manages both the fabrication and field erection of structural steel systems for new construction. The division also specializes in “niche” structural systems used for pedestrian, rail, and transportation bridges outside the typical Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional work we do.

E.S. Fox is involved in a wide range of unique bridge projects which require a good measure of agility and ingenuity in order to meet owner’s expectations, bridge launching, and Rapid Bridge Replacement (RBR) is one and will be the subject of this session.

1:00 PM

Rotational capacity test according to ASTM F3125

David Moreau, ing
Chef de l’intégration commerciale et opérationnelle.

Rotational capacity test according to ASTM F3125: Explanation of the complexities and differences between ASTM A325 and ASTM F3125 standards for rotational capacity testing (Rocap).

1:30 PM

Steel Bridges – Design, Fabrication, Construction

Michael Samuels, MASc, P. Eng.
Manager of Engineering

Highlights of this CISC course that uses multiple design examples and referencing the 11th edition of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CAN/CSA-S6-14). Will outline in this session what this online course provides in-depth, as detail on the design, fabrication, and construction of steel bridges. The session will summarize what you will learn from the course, the basic and complex concepts of building a steel bridge from the beginning to the end of the construction process.

2:00 PM &
2:30 PM

Construction methods, stability, and geometry control

Danilo D’Aronco P.Eng., M.Eng.
Structural Engineer

Marc-André Lemieux, P.Eng, M.A.Sc,
Structural Engineer

This presentation will address various construction methods that can be selected for the erection of long span structures as used for steel bridges. In addition, a discussion on geometric impacts and stability control methods will take place as well as the consequences of the construction sequence on them. Finally, a review of the software used for the design of construction methods which incorporates on one hand the construction stages and on the other hand the stability of structural elements under temporary loadings.

The presentation will include an additional application on general stability and geometry controls on the “Carrier Dome” erection scheme which is a backstay temporary structure cantilevering over an existing stadium.

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