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Day 3 – November 17, 2021
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET

11:00 AM

COMSLAB Long Span Composite Floor System

Dan Van Gageldonk
Business and Market Development – Ontario Region

ComSlab™ is a cold-formed-steel-based composite concrete floor system that offers robust performance while combining versatility, construction speed and cost effectiveness for a variety of building types. This presentation reviews the unique features and benefits that make this system an ideal choice for suspended slab construction for most all bearing structure and in particular cold-formed steel superstructure.

11:30 AM

IBP – Imperial Building Products Ltd. Proprietary Products

James Ram
Western Canada Territory Technical Sales Specialist

The featured project is a 6 Story Load Bearing Steel Stud with Ultra-Bond Composite Floor System. When Finished it will be 150,000 Sq. Ft. of residential condos. with stunning views of the River and Mountains.

12:00 PM

Simplifying Cold Formed Steel Framing Design

Raymond van Groll, M.Sc (Eng.), P.Eng.
Managing Partner

In this presentation we will review the Advantages of Building in CFS, with a variety of different techniques, all focused on simplicity. The Basis of the review will be examining the 12-storey building designed for ArcelorMittal. We will review fire ratings of floors and walls, the main reason for using CFS, cost savings, and the technical methods of designing in LSF to keep the engineering simple.

12:30 PM

Bailey Cold-Formed Joist Systems – Trade-Ready & C-Joist

Dan Van Gageldonk
Business and Market Development – Ontario Region

The increasing use of Cold-formed steel superstructure, particularly in the mid-rise multi-residential building sector, has spawned the need for compatible floor systems that offer high performance and build speeds that are commensurate. Cold-formed joist systems very often meet the requisite criteria for use in suspended floors, mezzanines and roofs in multi-residential as well as ICI buildings. This presentation reviews the unique features and benefits that make cold-formed joist systems an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

1:00 PM

From Sustainability to the next trend in Roofing

Nik Bergeron, M.B.A.
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

1. Sustainability – Corporate initiatives combine with consumer demand
2. Wood without the Guilt – Coil coating hyper-realistic prints with Bellara steel siding
3. True Nature Metal Roofing – The next growth category for residential metal roofing

1:30 PM

Tools & Resources for Designing with Vulcraft Steel Joist & Deck

Suresh Jacob P. Eng.
Business Dev. Manager

Dustin Gravelle, P. Eng.
Engineering Manager

This session, is targeted at structural engineers, especially the project designer. It would also be of interest to the deck erectors and steel fabricators. While it will touch upon the standards and fact sheets available from CSSBI for specifying deck in steel construction, the primary focus would be on using online tools for engineering the steel deck. The online tools provide Deck diaphragm calculations, Uniform load calculations, Steel deck roving loads and web crippling loads for roof deck. In addition, we will look at the span calculator, slab diaphragm and slab strength tools for the composite deck. We will cover availability of printed design manuals, Vulcraft product catalogues and other resources for designing with joist & deck. The presentation will take quick look at joist related tools like knife plate connection design, shear & moment comparison, joist tie plate connection, vibration analysis and composite joist floor system aid, available on our website.

2:00 PM

Cold-Formed Steel – What, Where & Why?

Brett Perras
Steel Market & Industry Development Engineer

What is cold-formed steel (CFS)?
Where is CFS used?
Why choose CFS?

The advantages of cold-formed steel are abundant, from decreasing construction costs and time to high-longevity. Consider cold-formed steel as the building material for your next project! Learn why!

2:30 PM

Solid Steel Strength: Roofing & Siding Products

Kevin Dutrisac, P.Eng, ing.
Chief Engineer

Discussing Ideal Roofing’s’ range of roofing and siding products, from light gauge for residential use, to the heavier gauges for industrial and commercial use. Will also discuss the various styles, colours, and explain their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

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