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Day 5 – November 19, 2021
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET

11:00 AM

Advance Tool for Steel Connections Design and Analysis

Farshad Pourshargh
Local Product Manager

During this presentation, Graitec’s Dr. Farshad Pourshargh will demonstrate capabilities of Idea Statica software, THE tool to help model and code-check different types of welded and bolted structural steel connections and base plates, in minutes, no matter the complexity of geometry or loading. He will also discuss BIM links and workflow.

11:30 AM

Outil avancé de conception et d’analyse d’assemblages en acier

Etienne Lechasseur
CPI, Spécialiste d’application

Découvrez Idea Statica, LA solution qui permet de concevoir en une fraction du temps des assemblages en acier de niveaux simples à complexes, puis de les vérifier en fonction des normes. Nous aborderons ensuite le flux de travail BIM qui permet d’importer directement la géométrie d’un assemblage et les charges appliquées.

12:00 PM

Hot-dip Galvanizing and AESS

Jessica Prosser, CTR
Business Development / Sales

Although not originally intended as an aesthetic finish, hot-dip galvanizing is now being specified with and AESS expectation to create artistic, durable and sustainable pieces. To maximize hot-dip galvanized appearance for AESS, a combination of ASTM standards and specific AESS practices are necessary. With that in mind, there are some misconceptions about the appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel that needs to be addressed prior to the design of the piece. Join me for a discussion on best practices for hot dip galvanizing and AESS.

12:30 PM

Le système de plancher composite Hambro : Le choix ideal pour la construction multi-résidentielle

Éric Dion
Développement des Affaires
Canam Bâtiments – Hambro

Découvrons comment le système de plancher composite Hambro surpasse les autres matériaux comparables en acier pour la construction multi-résidentielle. Avec ses caractéristiques de résistance au feu, sa capacité à réduire les vibrations induites par les occupants, ses capacités acoustiques et sa grande capacité à réduire les coûts, vous découvrirez pourquoi c’est le produit que Canam recommande pour la construction multi-résidentielle.

1:00 PM

CWB Association – 100 years of Trusted Network

Max Ceron
CWB Association

How the CWB Association has, in its many previous states, been a network to connect, inform and advocate for the steel trades industry for 100 years. How does todays CWB Association work with industry, associations and partners to create a safer and stronger steel trades landscape.

1:30 PM

The technology and the process of fireproofing steel members offsite for increase construction efficiency

Russe Norris
Fireproofing specialist

Maintaining construction schedules has long been a challenge to general contractors and clients. Work sites are congested with various trades often hindering the progress of others. Combine that with weather related challenges, safety and quality of work performed adds to the already difficult task. Both new fireproofing technology and changing the approach of performing fireproofing work has proven to expedite construction schedules, lessening congestion at the worksite, improving safety and allowing other trades to be more productive, and has provided clients with a higher level of quality in regard to fireproofed steel members. This presentation will discuss technology and the process of fireproofing steel members offsite.

2:00 PM

Leveraging the Power of Point Clouds in the Steel Industry

Jean-Philippe Simard
Application Specialist

This presentation will provide a brief introduction to laser scanning technology and include use cases where laser scanning can take detailing and fabrication to the next level. Interested in building faster, reducing onsite reworks and cutting down project costs? Join us for this exciting presentation.

2:30 PM

Beam Master + Layout Master: The most efficient and affordable way to fit and weld structural steel with a minimum of staff.

Dean Bower
Canadian Sales Manager

The skilled labor shortage is with us and getting more critical every day. The Beam Master and Layout Master help you to reduce your reliance on skilled labor. Quality welded assemblies and accurately fit parts can be produced without the need for highly skilled personnel. With some basic instruction your handler/ tacker can now accurately fit parts in a fraction of the time of your best fitter-error free! The Beam Master will produce quality welded assemblies at 3-4 x the speed of your manual operations – without the need for a skilled welder to operate it. Cortex software generates all of the welding programs and robot paths-eliminating the need for a skilled software/ robot programmer.

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