SteelDay is an annual, national event that showcases the versatility, performance and sustainability of steel and its various innovative applications. Consultants can earn valuable Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for eligible sessions.

Across the nation on SteelDay – steel mills, fabricators, suppliers, distributors, consultants and others will open their facilities, job sites, and offices to provide tours and presentations about their operations, products and services and projects.

Attend a SteelDay event and learn how the steel industry can support your next project and assist you to:

  1. Reduce your risks with innovative and cost-effective building framing solutions.
  2. Manage your costs with lower labour and equipment requirements, lower foundation costs, and lower on-going building maintenance expenses.
  3. Accelerate your project with off-site fabrication under controlled conditions that ensures a high quality product with just-in-time delivery, and reduces the number of costly fixes at the job site.
  4. Maximize your revenues with earlier project completions and maximized use of floor space and layouts that are easy to modify and customize.
  5. Collaborate with key partners in a fully integrated supply chain, and reduce errors by using advanced technology  at all stages of design and construction.
  6. Build sustainably with construction materials that are among the most recycled on the planet – with one of the highest recycled content rates and one of the lowest carbon footprints.

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