Excellence in steel construction is shared goal for our industry.  We know that steel is the obvious choice for an economic, flexible, creative, and sustainable infrastructure.  In order to see steel continue be the material of choice for construction – and to let others know as well – we must pay attention to how we support the next generation of steel professionals and drive innovation in our industry.

The Education and Research Council (ERC) plays a critical role within the CISC and the industry in achieving this objective.  The ERC oversees work in several areas to support education, research and innovation in the Canadian steel construction industry.  These include:

  • Support for technical colleges, expanding their focus on skilled trades critical to the industry’s success
  • Competitions and scholarships for engineering students, to encourage a focus on structural engineering
  • Competitions and scholarships for architecture students, to drive creative thinking in steel design
  • Research grants to support innovation in steel construction
  • Support for Steel Centres of Excellence, building communities of steel professionals within academia and industry
  • Development of training programs for existing steel professionals, helping to keep knowledge current and promote excellence

As you can see, the ERC’s work is focused not just on structural engineers, but on multiple areas that will help drive the industry forward.  Having skilled trades, architects and engineers with a solid understanding of steel construction is are of critical importance – as is connecting them to our industry and the CISC.  Research and innovation are also critical as we look to make our industry more competitive and creative in the face of ever evolving construction methods and global pressures.   The ERC is also pleased to support the development of new and expanded training courses to help both novice and seasoned steel professionals upgrade and maintain their knowledge in the areas of codes & standards, design methodology, estimating, inspection, and other key areas.

I would encourage you to visit CISC’s website and click on the #SupportSteel tab for a full overview of all the ERC’s programs and initiatives.  You can also hear -in their own words – the stories of individuals that have benefited from the work of the ERC.

The ERC is grateful for the continued support of the CISC and our funding partners. Much has been accomplished, but we need to continue to expand the breath of support by our industry to see our programs expand and address evolving needs.  If you have a passion for supporting the next generation of steel professionals and for the future of the Canadian steel construction industry, I encourage you to consider becoming an ERC financial supporter.

I would like to acknowledge the support of my fellow council members as I move into the role of Chair of the ERC and appreciate their continued commitment to the work that we do.  I would also like to recognize the work of our outgoing Chair, Mike Holleran.  Mike effectively led the ERC as it worked to expand and build on our programs, and his contributions have been key in the ERC’s continued success.  Thanks Mike!

Please contact the CISC for more information on how you can support the work of the ERC.  Working together, we can help steel be the material of choice for construction now and in the future.