Canada’s Steel Industry Open Their Facilities, Job Sites, and Offices for SteelDay 2019

CISC Members and Associates which included steel fabricators, steel mill producers, services centers, steel erectors and steel detailers opened their doors of their facilities, job sites and offices across the country to host tours, seminars, or demonstrations that showcased and promoted the structural steel industry.

SteelDay lured architects, engineers, contractors, developers, students, educators and the general public. Those who attended gained insight on how producers, service centres, fabricators and erectors contribute to the steel industry. They also learned from industry experts about the advantages of using structural steel in construction.

Hosts similarly benefit by showcasing their company, facilities and projects; networking with key industry decision makers; developing new business opportunities; and supporting the steel industry!

All that said, this year’s SteelDay was held on September 13, 2019 at several locations all across Canada with 11 hosts and over 500 attendees. Through various activities, such as tours, demonstrations, presentations and BBQs, attendees got to experience the exciting steel process for various types of projects from beginning to end.

A very special thank you to this year’s SteelDay hosts, Supreme Group, Westman Steel, Corrcoat Services Inc, Solid Rock Steel Fabricating Co, Ltd., Wesbridge Steelworks Limited, Rapid-Span Structures Ltd., Abesco Ltd, A-Post Aluminum Fabricators Inc., Gerdau, ACL Steel Ltd., Daam Galvanizing Ltd (Saskatoon). We encourage all steel companies and academic institutions from coast to coast, as well as individuals with a steel passion, to find their unique way to celebrate our growing steel industry every SteelDay!

We’re looking forward to opening our doors and sharing our insight in all the ways that steel builds Canada at SteelDay 2020! Keep an eye out for all the details to come.

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