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Day 2 – November 16, 2021
10:30 AM – 3:00 PM ET

10:30 AM

Introduction to CISC/CSSBI SteelWeek 2021

Hellen Christodoulou
PH.D. Ing., B.C.L., LL. B., M.B.A.

Director, Steel Market, and Industry Development.

A welcome to all participants- A tell all session, not to be missed! This short introduction session will first discuss the purpose of this event and explain to all participants how to best navigate through the various sessions, to maximize learning and the benefit of information sharing. Key insights on educational resources, events and initiatives will be shared!

11:00 AM

Recent Innovations in Design with HSS

Brad Fletcher
Senior Sales Engineer

Atlas Tube, a division of Zekelman Industries, is the largest producer of Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) in North America with not only the largest production capacity but also the largest size range in the industry. Starting in late 2021, Atlas will begin producing the largest HSS sections available anywhere in the world right here North America. Atlas Tube is also a leader in providing innovative solutions in designing with HSS. A new connection technology, the Shuriken, makes bolted HSS splices and connections faster, easier, safe and more cost effective than other connection methods typically used with HSS. The presentation will provide information on the new mill as well as showing how the Shuriken can add speed and value to your HSS connections.

11:30 AM

Riverbend 5-Multi-Story Warehouse
Deloitte Summit Tower, 400 W. Georgia

Shaune Turpin P. Eng.
Pier-Luc Napert P.Eng. 
Project Managers 

Marc Robitaille P.Eng.
VP of Engineering


#1 Riverbend 5 is Canada’s first multi-level warehouse and distribution centre in Burnaby. Over 11,000 MT of Structural steel was fabricated for the project which features hundreds of WWF 1800’s to support the loads of transport vehicles on the 2nd floor of the building. The design-assist project features bracing to account for seismic loads and Supermétal’s innovative patented load-out trailer.

#2 Deloitte Summit Tower, 400 W. Georgia is a 24-storey stacked cube office tower was one of the most complex and rewarding. This 370,000-square-foot, LEED® Platinum targeted building features 4-storey rotated boxes, living green walls, a robust crane tie-back system and exterior trusses tying back to the core. Located on a thoroughfare into the downtown core, the 5500 MT Deloitte Summit is a landmark structure for generations to come.

12:00 PM

Pugwash Salt Mine – Headframe Replacement, Lessons in Steel Craftmanship, Safety and Planning

Tim Houtsma, P. Eng.


Presentation will discuss tips and techniques employed during removal and recycling of the existing headframe and construction of the new structure. How steel was the material of choice to deliver a high-quality project, safely and ahead of schedule.

12:30 PM

The Hambro composite floor system: the preferred choice for multi-residential construction

Eric Dion
Business Development
Canam Buildings – Hambro

Let’s find out how the Hambro composite floor system will outperform other comparable steel materials into the residential construction market. With his fire resistance capacities, ability to reduce occupant-induced vibrations, acoustic performance and great reducing costs characteristics, you will discover why this is the product Canam is recommending for the multi-residential construction.

1:00 PM

Cast steel bolted splice solutions for structural and construction challenges

Tarana Haque, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Engineer, Technical Sales

The use of steel castings in building and bridge design is ever increasing. The freeform geometry inherent in the steel casting manufacturing process has led to casting becoming a preferred solution for architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) connections. However, freedom of geometry can also be leveraged to develop cost-saving solutions for complex engineering and construction challenges. In this presentation, examine structural and constructability challenges that motivated teams to include cast steel connection solutions. Learn through project case studies how castings were used to simplify the design, fabrication and erection for HSS bolted splice connections. Explore custom-designed castings with integral bolted flange plate joints and standardized cast cruciform bolted end joints known as the Diablo Bolted Splice (DBS).

1:30 PM

Automation and Robotic Solutions at Burnco Manufacturing Inc.

John Boote P.Eng.
General Manager
Erwin Terwoord
Senior Director of Business Development

Structural Steel Fabrication has seen significant technological changes in the last 20 years and the drive for automation is front and center as it is available when often skilled labor is not. Burnco Mfg has experienced these changes as a user of the technology but also as an integrator and developer of automated systems. The acquisition of the Prodevco Robotic Plasma Cutting technology in 2016 positions Burnco as a leading integrator in Canada for this sector with robotic and dedicated solutions for Plasma cutting, Material handling, Welding and Layout. In this presentation we will highlight a few real examples of the successful integration of robotics and automation in our own operation.

2:00 PM

Milling Technology applied to CNC machines for the Steel Fabrication Industry

Filippo Gremese, M. Eng, MGMT
Executive Vice President

In this session we will present FICEP technology for mechanical milling applied on:
– beam drilling machines
– plate machines
– gantry machines for the processing of welded beams for the bridge industry

2:30 PM

GirderSlab, an innovative alternative approach to construction

Stephen K. Benson
President & CEO

GirderSlab technologies is an innovative system that provides a unique and viable alternative to standard mid high rise residential/condominium and multilevel storage facility construction. Some of its advantages: High floor to ceiling – No interferences. Fast structure and building completion. Reduced building structure weight. Limited on-site labor.

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