The CISC Advocates for Immediate Release of Infrastructure Stimulus

Dear CISC Members & Associates,

Over the last several months the CISC has been driving force within the National Trade Contractors’ Council of Canada (NTCCC) urging the Federal and Provincial governments to get agreements in place to put infrastructure funding to work and get projects started.  We have made a case that many types of projects be funded, coupled with a broad geographic distribution.  Existing funding is in place for these projects but has yet to be deployed and additional funding announcements are expected next spring.  What the CISC have been pressing for, is that the Federal and Provincial governments work together to resolve any existing bottlenecks and get projects started, which will help not only the construction Industry but the Canadian Economy as a whole.

The CISC is encouraging our members and associates to visit the Build for Recovery website which has a streamlined web form process to contact Federal and Provincial government officials about prioritizing infrastructure investment.  There is a link to an article in the Daily Commercial News (DCN) regarding this campaign.  Below that, is the link to the campaign website, where you can see the letter that will be sent to both your Federal and Provincial government representatives.  All that is required is for you to fill in your name, address and email.


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