A “Call for Action” in support for the over 1.5 million Canadians that work in Canada’s construction sector.


-Collectively we need to increase the focus on domestic capacities and capabilities for long-term prosperity, regional value-chains, and the leveraging our natural assets!

-Collectively we need to focus in accelerating the economic stimulus for the Canadian construction industry, the most vital economic sector.

-The Canadian construction and manufacturing industries are the most significant and critical employers in Canada.

– The Canadian construction and manufacturing industries invest in Canada, in research, education and the community.

-The Canadian construction and manufacturing industries have the expertise, knowledge and leading-edge technology that deliver results.



-By investing in infrastructure and delivering on existing infrastructure commitments to be “BUILT BY CANADIANS”, stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, and providing confidence in Canadian industries, and the public and private sector.

-By supporting and investing in local businesses.

-By improving regional value-chains and leveraging our natural assets for economic development in Canada.

-All levels of government should deliver commitments of approved project investments. Its time to rebuild; injecting a much-needed stimulus into the Canadian economy will reshape our economic landscape lower the deficit, and improve the quality of life for Canadians.



-The Federal and Provincial governments must work together and focus on the Economic recovery of the Canadian construction industry, of the Canadian workers and the Canadian families.

-Focus should aim on improving government procurement, supporting business investments, strengthening Canada’s business competitiveness, and investing in innovation and local economic development.

-Focus on foundational efforts and opportunities that will lead to a faster recovery and prosperity for all Canadians and Canadian families; getting Canadians back to work is an investment in our economy.

We in the construction industry must work collectively to inspire a Canadian Economic Progress and MAKE IT HAPPEN!



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Collectively, we will




Hellen Christodoulou, PH.D. Ing., B.C.L., LL.B, M.B.A.
Directrice national – Développement des marchés et de l’industrie de l’acier.

L’Institut canadien de la construction en acier (CISC-ICCA)

National Director, Steel Market and Industry Development.

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC-ICCA)