Project Description

Project Description

The Lee’s Avenue Underpass consists of two rising, curved, trapezoidal girder lines, spanning over an 86.8m opening over Highway 417 in Ottawa. The structure was erected onto off-site temporary shoring. A concrete deck was formed & poured on the erected steel on temporary shoring. Self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) lifted the poured structure off the temporary shoring and travelled this large structure to its final location during the allotted shut-down time. At 2100 tonnes, the bridge is the heaviest bridge to be erected by rapid replacement over a highway in North America.

Project Team

Owner:OLRT Constructors

Structural Engineer: MMM Group

Project Manager / General Contractor: R.W. Tomlinson Limited

Fabricator: Central Welding & Iron Works

Detailer: Tenca Inc.

Erector: E.S. Fox