Project Description

Dr. Anjan Bhowmick
Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Concordia University

Lateral Torsional Buckling of Welded Wide Flange Beams

Lateral torsional-buckling (LTB) is a limit state that can control the flexural capacity of steel beams. The current CSA S16-09 does not make any distinction between welded and rolled shapes when dealing with the flexural strength of the beam. However, welded wide flange (WWF) shapes have significantly higher residual stress than that of rolled shapes, which can affect the flexural behavior of the beam.

The objective of this research is to investigate the behaviour of welded steel I-shape beams and assess the safety with current code design equations for lateral torsional buckling. The project scope includes:
*A review of the literature and collection of available test data with sufficient information to develop and validate a finite element model.
*Critical evaluation of current code equation for lateral torsional buckling of welded wide flange beams using nonlinear finite element analysis.
*A parametric study to investigate different parameters (such as, height of the loading, different moment gradient) on LTB capacity of welded shapes.

Selected publications/presentations:

Kabir I. M., Bhowmick, A. 2016. Lateral Torsional Buckling of Welded Wide Flange Beams. SSRC Annual Stability Conference, Orlando, Florida, April 12-15. Paper Presented.

Kabir I. M., Bhowmick, A. 2016. Effect of Geometric Imperfection on Lateral Torsional Buckling Capacity of I-beams. 5th International Structural Specialty Conference, London, ON, June 1-4. Paper Presented.


Dr. Anjan Bhowmick joined the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec in 2011. He received his Ph.D. (2009) degree in Structural Engineering from University of Alberta, Edmonton, M.A.Sc. degree (2003) in Structural Engineering from University of Windsor, Windsor and B.Sc. degree (1998) in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research interests include Seismic design and analysis of steel structures, seismic retrofit and rehabilitation of existing structures and bridge engineering. He is very keen to promote use of structural steel in construction through innovations. His research activities are funded through NSERC, University grants and funding from the Industry. In addition to his research expertise, he has extensive industrial experience in Canada in the design of buildings and bridges. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Alberta (APEGA).

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