On April 11, Bill 218, The Prompt Payments in the Construction Industry Act, was introduced by Reg Helwer, MLA from Brandon West, alongside the Manitoba Prompt Payment Coalition (MBPP).

At this time, there is no system that protects contractors and subcontractors in Manitoba from delayed payments. Bill 218 will finally put our tradespeople at ease while strengthening the construction industry. The Bill proposes payment obligations ensuring that all those involved in a construction contract will be paid within reasonable time frames. If not, the defending contractor or subcontractor will have the right to dispute resolution.

Manitoba is now the second province to come forward and introduce a form of prompt payment legislation, with Ontario’s Bill 142 receiving Royal Assent in December 2017.

We are looking forward to seeing Bill 218 through to the end. The CISC will continue to support nationwide prompt payment legislation and strongly encourage other provinces to create legislation of their own.