Need Steel Detailers?

In today’s competitive steel industry, you need hard-working junior steel detailers competent in steel detailing knowledge with skills in the latest 3D modelling software, right now. You can’t afford to spend enormous amounts of time and money training graduates from other disciplines. Vancouver Community College has been filling this need for decades, producing well-trained steel detailers ready for the job from Day One.

Evolving along with industry, we are changing the name of our Steel Detailing program to Steel Construction Modelling to reflect our major focus on 3D modelling.
Steel Construction Modelling (Steel Detailing Technician) has been a standout program in VCC’s CAD and BIM department for over 50 years. We are proud to be the only steel detailing training program in Canada, and we have produced thousands of proficient steel detailers, many of whom are now top personnel in our industry.

The Program

The 10-month Steel Construction Modelling certificate runs September to June. Students are immersed in basic drafting skills using AutoCAD (provided by Autodesk), before moving into the steel construction modelling specialty.
We consult with our Program Advisory Committee, made of successful steel detailing companies and fabricators in the Metro Vancouver area. With their help, we are able to keep our course content relevant and current to present industry methodology.
The Steel Construction Modelling program takes students through traditional steel detailing, creating various steel detailing drawings. They learn the necessary skills while learning about bolting, welding, working with the CISC Steel Construction Handbook and fabricator standards. Students apply these skills in class on various commercial and industrial projects.

What Students Learn

• CISC – Handbook of Steel Construction specifications
• Tekla Structures 3D modelling and drawing creation (Tekla Structures is provided to the program by Building Point Canada)
• Steel Detailing terminology, conventions, and annotation
• Shop drawings
• Structural steel fabrication and arrangement
• Structural steel square framing
• Miscellaneous steel
• Trusses and truss geometry
• Constructability and erect ability
• Technical communications (professional emails, RFI’s, change orders)
• Bluebeam Revu Extreme (Bluebeam is provided by Bluebeam Software Inc.)
• Critical thinking
• Collaborative working skills

Tekla Structures 3D Modelling

The Steel Construction Modelling program includes more than 325 hours of Tekla Structures software training. (Building Point Canada generously provides Tekla Structures.) Tekla Structures (produced by Trimble) is the steel industry’s leader in Building Information Modelling. Students acquire the traditional steel detailing knowledge using the latest and most advanced steel detailing software on the market.


Our Graduates Are Ready for Your Job

Our Steel Construction Modelling graduates are in high demand, receiving multiple employment offers from across Canada and the US. Employers tell us our graduates are more than job-ready. They demonstrate strong steel detailing knowledge paired with competent expertise in Tekla Structures. Less in-house training is required from job start, and this is a significant savings on your company’s training resources.


Vancouver Community College is proudly located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada’s beautiful west coast, one of the most desirable places to live in the world.

Look to Vancouver Community College’s, Steel Construction Modelling Program, to hire your next junior employee for your company. Our graduates are ready for you.