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The Challenge

The aim of the 19th Annual CISC Architectural Student Design Competition is to challenge architecture students to design an all-steel observation tower located in a significant environment.

Towers have always fascinated for their iconic quality as well as their attraction to reach their top. Sometimes integrated within the architecture of a building like a church spire, sometimes a political symbol like the Berlin Tower, the competition aims to create an open and public freestanding observation deck overlooking scenery.

The objective is to present an elegant structure made of exposed structural steel. The height, site and expression are left to the student’s discretion. The tower must be made of structural steel members and plate, used in any combination. There must be an observation platform connected to the base with a stair. A lift and all-steel toilets can be included but are not necessary.

The submission should demonstrate talent and creativity in the expression of the structural framing elements as well as in the more architectural steel components of the stairs, handrails and surfaces.

In architecture, appearance is of great importance. Thus, the type of steel (carbon, weathered, stainless…), the surface finish (natural, brushed, gun blue, galvanized, painted) and the finish quality (AESS categories) must be specified.
Connections can be welded or bolted, seamless or expressed.

The proposal must include:

– 1 site plan at a scale that includes significant elements of the context
plans of accessible levels (1:50)
– 1 elevation (1:50)
– 1 cross section (1:50)
– 2 connection details (1:5)
– 2 rendered views images of the type of steel and its finish
– 1 list of AESS categories (there can be more than one AESS specification, indicate to which part of the tower each category applies)

The submission should be presented on a maximum of three A1 size boards.


October 2019Competition announced
May 15, 2020Deadline for receipt of entries
June 19, 2020Announcement of winners and publication of winning entries
September 2020Award of Excellence presented
October 2020Touring exhibition of finalists


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