The COVID-19 pandemic was a game changer for the construction industry. We are slowly turning a corner and our focus should move towards rebuilding our economy and stimulating growth. Investment in infrastructure is a foundational piece of this new movement.

The steel industry, as a vital part of the construction sector, stands together with all other industries, ready to start the rebuilding process. Together, we are the rock-solid backbone for an economy primed to reach new heights.

Join us! With one voice, let us all get the support of our elected officials!

How can you Help??

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction is proud to announce our partnership with several of the industry’s most influential associations in the Building For Recovery Campaign.

We urge all our members and associates in the Canadian construction community to join us:

  • Send a letter TODAY to your elected officials.
  • Detail your support for investment in infrastructure.
  • Visit and fill out your name, address, and email in the pre-written letter.


Why Infrastructure Investment?

  • To create jobs
  • Delivering investments quicker generates stronger employment outcomes for all regions, equaling better quality-of-life.
  • It connects communities.
  • Building for recovery enhances critical infrastructure, develops sustainable transit, retrofits buildings, and creates new physical spaces for the community to come together.
  • It improves communities. From housing to clean water, infrastructure projects ensure Canadian communities have access to essential resources they depend on.

Be part of the solution: Visit