Civil Engineering students are challenged to an intercollegiate competition that supplements their education with comprehensive, student-driven project experience from conception and design through fabrication, erection, and testing, culminating in a steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy.


École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)
Montreal, Quebec

The Hercule Steel bridge team from ÉTS (Montréal) is participating to the CNSBC since the first edition in 2016.

The competition simulates an engineering project and allows us to apply our knowledge gained at school. The benefit of participating in this competition is to improve our knowledge about structure modeling and conception, fabrication method, project management, problem-solving and team working. The Hercule team participates in the CNSBC every year because we are passionate students of engineering. We like to innovate, push ourselves out of our boundary and « think out of the box ».

Lakehead University Steel Bridge Team

Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Lakehead Steel Bridge team 2020 consists of 5 undergraduate students. This is the second time the Lakehead team competing in the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition.

The Steel Bridge competition provides an exceptional opportunity to experience a comprehensive project from conception to completion. Students learn not only design and analysis, but also planning, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Participating in the competition will allow us to be more prepared to step into the professional industry.

McMaster Steel Bridge Team

McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

This will be their second year attending the competition.

The Canadian National Steel Bridge competition is a great opportunity for students to gain experience in steel design as well as hands-on fabrication experience. This provides our students with an opportunity to get a glimpse into the steel construction industry before they graduate. The insight into every aspect of steel design and construction is invaluable. Students conceptually design and optimize a bridge based on design requirements, and then assess the feasibility of fabricating their design, and ultimately carry out the construction themselves. While being extremely educational for the students, the competition is also a very fun and exciting way to complement the material taught in the classroom.

Ryerson Steel Bridge Team

Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario

The Ryerson Steel Bridge Team has participated twice in the CNSBC. Once in 2016, and once in 2019. This upcoming 2020 competition will our third time participating, as well as our second consecutive year in the competition.

The Ryerson Steel Bridge Team is participating in the 2020 CNSBC to expose undergraduate engineering students to a practical project with means to challenge themselves in structural design and steel fabrication. A hands-on steel design project pushes us to grow our interpersonal and professional skills to succeed in a large-scale collaborative project such as this. Additionally, this competition encourages us to think innovatively and creatively to maximize our project performance while managing given department resources. Lastly, the event itself also provides great networking opportunities between students, faculty, and industry professionals, which can be beneficial to us as new graduates and future engineers.

UAEMéx Steel Bridge Team

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Toluca, Mexico

The UAEMéx Steel Bridge Team has been involved in the steel bridge competitions for more than 12 uninterrupted years in which has been acquiring the necessary experience to be one of the strongest and most competitive teams in Mexico today.

2019 represented a watershed for the team because it was the first year which it was invited to participate in the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition, event that represented a huge challenge for the team because it meant that the team would face stronger and more experienced teams in steel bridge competitions. Having said that, being invited back to participate in the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition is an excellent opportunity to keep challenging us and keep and continue strengthening the team’s skills so that year after year the team can learn from its mistakes and more importantly, each steel bridge competition offers to the students the opportunity to create links with students from others universities and other countries and share engineering experiences which many times, do not learn in the classroom. All the members of the team think that participate in this edition of the competition is the perfect chance to implement what we learned in the last edition.

Panteras Steel Bridge Team

Universidad Panamericana
Mexico City, Mexico

The Universidad Panamericana has participated four times in the American Regional Steel bridge competition-Texas section, one time in the American National Steel bridge competition, Once in the Canadian National Steel bridge competition and Once in the Mexican National Steel bridge competition.

First of all, as students we enjoy in competing in these type of competitions because it allows us to get a first glance at the civil engineering problems that we might face at the professional level. In addition, it allows us to develop skills and techniques that help us become better professionals at the engineering level. Another benefit that we see in participating in an international competition is that it brings us closer as a team of students and faculty to promote a better understanding of our career in and outside the classroom, by comparing our understanding with other universities and cultures.

Steel Bridge Team

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia

The UBC Steel Bridge team has participated in the Canadian competition for the past 4 years

Our design team provides students the opportunity to apply technical knowledge to practical, hands-on projects that mimic industry standards. Our close-knit team environment allows students to gain design and construction experience through the exposure of the engineering design processes and structural analysis, whilst concurrently familiarizing with industry-standard drafting skills and conventions. Competing at an international level offers students a unique insight into the civil engineering industry outside of Canada and motivates the team to strive to achieve higher every year at competitions.

University of Manitoba Steel Bridge (UMSB)

University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

2020 will be the second year University of Manitoba Steel Bridge (UMSB) participates in the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition.

UMSB participates in CNSBC because it provides a space for the students to see how their bridge design performs in a fun and competitive setting. We believe participating provides students with the opportunity to learn about steel design, work in a team environment, come up with creative solutions, and take ownership of their design.

Western Steel Bridge Team

Western University
London, Ontario

This will be the first time the team will be participating in the competition.

The Western Steel Bridge Team is a newly-formed team within the engineering faculty at The University Of Western Ontario. The team challenges students to extend their classroom knowledge to a practical steel design project in a hands-on environment. It will provide an opportunity to learn about bridge design, analysis software, and steel fabrication. This will enable students to grow their interpersonal and professional skills, generate innovative designs and foster new relationships.

Équipe de structure de l’Université Laval

Université Laval
Quebec City, Quebec

L’Équipe de Structure de l’Université Laval (ÉSUL) will take part in the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition for the Fourth time.

We’re participating to this 2020 edition because year after year, the CNSBC is a great event and to also prove other that we built one of the best steel bridge in North America!

McGill Bridge Building Team

McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

McGill steel bridge building team was able to compete twice

McGill has not been able to participate for the past 3 years, and so we would love to represent McGill this year at the steel competition. We believe that the steel competition can offer us great opportunity and experience.

This post may not reflect all of the current teams.

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