The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Hellen Christodoulou, as the National Director of Market Development. Hellen has worked for the CISC for over 9 years and was the Quebec Region Manager since 2012.

Hellen holds a PhD in Civil Engineering with specialization in bridges, degrees in civil and common law and a master’s in business administration. Hellen brings over 38 years of experience in bridges and major bridge structures across Canada and the US, in the conceptualization, design, rehabilitation and supervision of major bridge projects, superstructure and infrastructure design.

Hellen has written many articles, has been an active participant at conferences, has taught several courses, and has for many years been a member of several technical committees, for code and industry standards.

Hellen was the recipient of the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Medal by the Senate of Canada to recognize her generosity, dedication, volunteer work and selflessness to her fellow citizens.