When renovating older buildings, designers have often turned to the CISC Solutions Centre for information on obsolete steel sections listed in past editions of the Handbook. This information can be found on the CISC Technical Resources webpage at the link below:


Properties and dimensions listed in the Handbook of Steel Construction, 1st Edition 1967, are available for wide-flange (WF), miscellaneous (M) and H-Beams, light beams (B), junior beams (Jr) and channels, standard beams (I) and channels, and H-bearing piles. Also provided are welded wide-flange (WWF) sections, including standard (S) web, reduced (R) web, thin (T) web and column (C) sections.


CISC Handbook, 1st Edition 1967
Figure 1

For even older buildings, designers may consult an early CISC reference entitled “Canadian Steel Construction”, published in 1940. Properties and dimensions are listed for American standard beams, American standard channels, H-beams and modified H-beams.