The 3rd Revised Printing of the Handbook of Steel Construction, 11th Edition, can now be purchased on the CISC Steel Store:

The 3rd Printing incorporates changes introduced in Update No. 1 to CSA S16-14, which was published by CSA Group in December 2016. The Commentary to S16-14, tables and examples affected by the changes have also been updated accordingly.

For example, changes to S16-14 Table 2 affecting width-to-thickness limits for I-sections subject to combined axial compression and minor-axis bending led to the revision of several tables of Factored Axial Compressive Resistances for W-shape columns in Part 4.

Update No. 1 can be obtained from CSA Group at this link:

For users of previous printings of the 11th Edition Handbook, CISC will publish a list of revisions shortly.