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Project Description

Project Description

Unique in purpose and form, Studio Bell is a non-typical building requiring very atypical solutions! The team had to incorporate a condemned historic building, design a buildable structure when everything is curved and/or inclined, design a bridge 65 feet above an active roadway, achieve the architect’s vision of the vessels ‘floating’ with minimal support, frame a column free theatre with sloping walls and design a five-story cantilevered feature stair. While originally envisioned as concrete, steel solved the problems that concrete posed, allowing the team to deliver all of the project’s requirements. Through creative thinking, technical excellence and close collaboration, the completed project is an iconic piece of architecture in Canada and the world.’


Project Team

Submitted by: Read Jones Christoffersen/ Walters Group Inc./ CANA Management Ltd. (Joint Submission)
CISC Member: Read Jones Christoffersen, Walters Group Inc.