Single Storey Building Design Aid

This book is the companion to the 8 hour Single Storey Building Design course which covers the major design parameters and techniques used to produce a functional and efficient design of a storage / light industrial building enclosure using structural steel and steel roof deck based on National Building Code of Canada 2010 and CSA S16-09. This 110 page book includes computation of forces due to wind, earthquake, and snow and design of the structural steel framing components required to resist these forces. Interface of architectural/structural components is emphasized. Structural design of a cladding support system, selection of a roof system and the use of the roof deck as a structural diaphragm to distribute lateral forces to bracing bents, are each discussed and supported with calculations, illustrations, and several design drawings. Also included is a material takeoff and cost estimate, like one which a designer might use to determine which of the several alternatives studied while conducting his preliminary design is the most economical.

Where practicable, each typical component design is supported by design calculations. Also, since there are often several solutions to a design problem, the rationale used by the author(s) in approaching each design problem is supported by a commentary.

Please note that this eBook publication can only be viewed on a Windows computer and requires online access. It cannot be viewed on the Mac, iOS or Android systems.

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