Handbook of Steel Construction – 11th Edition, Includes CSA S16-14

The Handbook of Steel Construction contains the latest edition of CSA S16, the CISC Commentary on CSA S16, design tables (connections, columns, beams, properties and dimensions), and the CISC Code of Standard Practice.




This comprehensive reference contains detailed information on the design and detailing of structural steel in metric units. The 11th Edition, 3rd Revised Printing 2017, has been updated to reflect changes to CSA S16-14 and the steel section data. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the National Building Code of Canada 2015. Member design tables are based on steel grades ASTM A992, A572 Grade 50, A913 Grade 65, A500 Grade C and CSA G40.21-350W.

Comprising 8 parts, the contents include CSA S16-14 (“Design of Steel Structures”) incorporating Update No. 1 (December 2016, with a new Annex N on design and construction of steel storage racks), CISC Commentary on S16-14, Connections and Tension Members, Compression Members, Flexural Members, Properties and Dimensions, CISC Code of Standard Practice (8th Edition) and Miscellaneous Data, and a General Index.

Featured updates since the 10th Edition include:

– Updated design data for common connections, twist-off bolt assemblies and direct tension indicators
– New design table for all-bolted single-angle beam connections
– Readily available wide-flange sizes highlighted in yellow throughout the book
– New tables for columns produced to ASTM A913 Grade 65 steel and for single-angle struts
– Design and detailing data for anchor rods and accessories
– Member design tables for angles and channels increased from 300 to 350 MPa yield stress
– Completely updated structural section data for hot-rolled sections
– Updated range of HSS sizes reflecting availability and including large (Jumbo) sections
– New 8th edition of the Code of Standard Practice, with updated provisions on erection stability and Building Information Modelling (BIM)
– Enhanced colour scheme for easier navigation


ISBN 978-0-88811-207-1

1192 pages