Behaviour of Light-Gauge Steel Shear Walls With Screwed Infill Plate Connections for Regions of Low-2017-04-03T11:53:57-04:00
Solving the Mystery of Double-coped Beams2022-08-12T17:17:49-04:00
Development of Ry, Rt Factors and Probable Brace Resistance Axial Loads for the Seismic Design of Bracing Connections and Other Members2017-10-25T11:48:45-04:00
Fatigue Behaviour and Design of Shear Connectors in Steel-Precast Composite Girders2017-10-25T11:49:27-04:00
Development of Innovative and Cost-Effective Seismic Fuses using Wide Flange Steel Sections2017-04-03T11:58:11-04:00


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