The CISC is excited to announce the opening of the CISC Steel Centre in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta!

The CISC Steel Centre’s main focus is to foster education in steel so that graduates will develop the skills necessary to design, optimize and detail innovative and economical steel structures. As Professor Robert G. Driver from the University of Alberta has said, “This is another way of leveraging talent to meet real industry needs and solve problems that can affect productivity and profits.” In order to meet industry needs, steel industry involvement is vital, and all Steel Centre

The CISC has partnered with the university to create a facility focused on developing structural steel education and research. Thanks to the contributions from Collins Steel, Supreme Steel and Waiward Steel as investor members, Peddinghaus Corporation as influencer members, and TSE Steel and Price Steel as supporter members, students will be able to take advantage of this unique facility. Students will learn about the design, construction and behaviour of steel structures at this new Steel Centre.

Another great initiative for the Steel Centre is the development of a new Master of Engineering degree program in steel structures engineering. This post-graduate program will have a focus on advanced steel design and analysis, with specialized topics in welding engineering and metallurgy. It will be the first of its kind in Canada!

For more information about the new CISC Steel Centre, please see the latest issue of Advantage Steel Magazine (Issue No. 54) for a great article written by Professor Robert G. Driver. Talks are currently underway with organizations interested in becoming Steel Centre members!