Together, CISC Manitoba/NW Ontario region, the Manitoba Ministry of Education & Training and the Manitoba Construction Sector Council have been collaborating to develop a Structural Steel Fabricators Fitters course.

Since the 1950s, the position of a fitter has traditionally been an in-house training initiative organized by each individual company. However, over time, companies have failed to keep up with the development of the position. With the loss/retirement of old guard fitters, this position has become misplaced in the current industry.

We are ensuring the revitalization of this role by implementing a multi-week, all day, classroom/shop effort, which will be certified by the trades’ college. Initially, this course will be taught by a soon-to-be retired local fitter and a CISC Associate member, however it will eventually be taught by provincially licensed educators.

The first course will allow present fabricator company employees to upgrade their skills and become certified fitters. In the future, the course will be adjusted to accommodate college graduates with the appropriate skills.

The CISC, alongside Manitoba’s construction professionals, is looking forward to launching this program by the end of this year.