The Québec government has ordered the closing as of Wednesday, March 25 at 00:01 until April 13, 2020 of all non-essential stores and services including construction EXCEPT the following:

Maintenance and operation of strategic infrastructure, including:

  • the production, procurement, transmission and distribution of energy (electricity, fossil energies).
  • the maintenance in good operating condition of essential public infrastructure such as bridges, municipal buildings, and so on.
  • construction, maintenance and the maintenance of essential activities related to public and private infrastructure that may pose a threat to public health and safety (private dams, the management of hazardous and radioactive materials, on so on).
  • health services and supply chain, for example, a water treatment plant.
  • computer resources (security, maintenance, urgent needs related to the situation).
  • data centres.


Construction sector:

  • construction firms for emergency dispatching or security purposes.
  • electricians, plumbers and other trades for emergency services.
  • rental equipment.


Building maintenance services –

  • building-maintenance firms (elevators, ventilation, alarms, and so on).