Statics and Strength of Materials

Course Description

The importance of understanding the basic principles of the static forces and strength of materials is crucial to know for anyone in the steel design or construction profession. This self-paced, online course provides a thorough dissection of the design of steel connections to prepare students who do not have a structural engineering background. With the use of detailed examples and technical resources, you will learn how to calculate the stresses exerted and analyze the behaviour of materials under stress.

This course is made up of 20 sessions and contains 60 hours of video instruction, technical resources, as well as a final exam. Once the course is completed, a Certificate of Completion is issued to the learner.

Duration 60 hours (20 sessions) | Fee $1125.00 | 6.0 CEUs

This 60 hour course (20 sessions) is intended to prepare students who do not have a structural engineering background serving as a prerequisite for further education and training for the design of steel connections.

This course introduces the student to terminology specific to this specialty by defining the basic concepts and measurement units. The student will be introduced to the basic principles of statics and strength of materials with applications to simple structures by calculating the stresses exerted and by analyzing the behavior of materials under stress. It will also include the source of rules and standards used in the steel industry.

Click this link to download the course outline as a PDF file.

This training also has the following goals:

  • understand and apply the major principles of the static forces and strength of materials using practical applications
  • know how to analyze the forces acting on a body and represent them in the form of diagram
  • recognize the properties and characteristics of steel
  • apply knowledge of physics to solve real scientific problems
  • develop curiosity and critical judgment

Topics include vectors, force and equilibrium diagrams, stress and strain, axial compression and buckling, bending moments and shear, section properties and properties of steel.

  • steel detailers
  • other steel industry personnel wanting a better understanding of how loads are carried by steel structures
  • steel fabrication engineers new to steel or needing a refresher

Registration in this course includes access to the recorded sessions for six months.

Each student will be able to download a PDF file containing the course slides which the student will be able to print.

Each student will be able to download ZIP files containing the supplementary course notes, homework exercises and solutions to the homework exercises.

The course leader will set and the mark final exam.