With an exemplary career spanning 40 years in the steel construction industry, Alfred Wong, P.Eng., CISC’s Director of Engineering, has announced his retirement as of January 2019!


Alfred Wong started his career as an engineer at CISC in 1979. Since then he has worked tirelessly up the corporate ladder and has been the CISC’s Director of Engineering for the last 25 years.

Throughout his career, Alfred has provided leadership on innumerable projects and has contributed immensely to the steel design and construction industry, as well as to the CISC’s overall success. His involvement in projects that have pushed the boundaries in the innovation of steel buildings and bridges across Canada will continue to be celebrated by his colleagues and industry partners today and everyday.


Q&A with Alfred Wong

Do you remember your first day at the CISC?

Yes. I came to the CISC at a time when people used fountain pens and the men in the office dressed in three-piece suits!

How has the steel industry changed during your tenure?

The steel industry has changed in many ways. But, if I had to sum it up in one word, it would be: globalization.

How do you think your work in the steel industry has impacted the way Canada looks like today?

All I know is this: I came to the CISC as an engineer and I’m leaving as an engineer. I just hope during my time here I have made a small contribution to the total effort and activities in bridging the gap between research and needs, between research and code provisions, between codes and design practice, as well as between code implementation and construction.

Do you have any advice for engineers currently working in the steel industry?

It is important to keep reminding yourself that your profession, the steel industry and society in its entirety needs you.

Now that you’ve completed such a meaningful career, what do you have planned for your retirement?

I will be taking a vacation before the next phase of my career, in which I plan on working as a consultant.



The staff at CISC has had the pleasure of working with Alfred through his tenure. He has been an outstanding addition to the team during his 40 years of service and an admirable leader for all of us. We will not only miss his wealth of knowledge, but his kindness and fun humor. We congratulate Alfred on his dedicated career in the Canadian steel construction industry and with the CISC, and we wish him all the best as he embarks in this new phase of his life!