This biennial event was held in Ottawa, ON, on March 2-3, 2018. The CISC brought together 38 academics teaching steel design to undergraduate students in faculties of engineering and architecture at universities across Canada. Thanks to the generous travel support from local CISC Regional Committees and these individual CISC Members & Associates: Walters Group, Gerdau, Atlas Tube and Blackwell.

The theme of this event was “Excellence in Steel”. On the first day, guest speakers included Michel Bruneau on RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTCHURCH: A Seismic Shift in Building Structural Systems, Terri Meyer Boake on Enabling Complex Design in Steel, and Alfred Wong on Current and Emerging Steel Products and Design. The afternoon program started with a presentation by Jean-Michel Carrière, AAR, on the Rehabilitation and Retrofit of the Wellington Building and the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards. Next, Mark Koppelaar & Aaron Bean of Walters Group, along with the engineering and architectural firms informed the educators about the Parliament Hill West Block Rehabilitation, which was later toured by the group. Walters Group worked with partners to create a roof over a previously open courtyard to create a new, naturally lit interior space which will serve as the temporary House of Commons while the center block is updated. Many thanks to Walters Group and PCL Contractors’ staff for fitting us in and allowing this exceptional construction site tour. A reception and dinner at the revolving top floor of the hotel with a spectacular view ended the day.

Day two started with a presentation from Dimos Polyzois and Lancelot Coar, University of Manitoba, on the student-led design and build project for a steel shade structure and water catchment system – a collaborative project between students of architecture and engineering faculties. This was followed by an informative open mic session where educators were invited to share their passion and ideas for excellence in education and to discuss technologies, tools, projects etc. used to promote student engagement and interest in structural steel.

The morning carried on with breakout sessions for Architectural and Engineering Educators in which each respective discipline presented on its continued achievement to “Excellence in Steel”.

The Architecture Educators learned about Steel Castings for use in AESS from Michael Gray of Cast Connex and about the award-winning Cogeco Amphitheatre project presented by Paul Laurendeau, of Atelier Paul Laurendeau.

The Engineering Educators were updated by their peers on research projects recently funded by CISC. Great work is being done on the behaviour and design of: multi-tiered braced frames in regions of low to moderate seismicity, the commonly used system of beams with overhanging segments, fabrication-friendly connections for concentrically steel braced frames and performance-based design of damage -free rocking steel bridge piers. The research projects are aimed at simplifying design for engineers, improving safety, increasing efficiency in fabrication and making steel the material of choice.

In addition, Jean-Luc Martel and Marie-Pier Diotte gave an enthusiastic presentation about the CSCE-CISC CNSBC and encourage all universities to participate in this unique competition. The final segment was delivered by Alfred Wong who informed the group about changes in Codes, Standards and CISC Steel Design Aids and what’s available to them.