Alberta, Apr 17, 2015

    The six winners of the 2015 Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence were announced last night at a gala event held in Edmonton celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Alberta Design Awards.

    Engineering Award
    Project Name: Edmonton International Airport – Combined Office and Control Tower

    Submitted by: DIALOG
    CISC Members: DIALOG, Supreme Group, Cadmax Detailing
    The Edmonton International Airport Combined Office/Control Tower project was an integral part of the airport’s Expansion 2012 program, responding to increasing ridership and the pressure it had placed on the existing infrastructure and buildings. The combined tower houses a new cutting-edge NAV Canada air traffic control tower, an expanded retail precinct, and new administrative offices. Additional functional objectives include the provision of improved airside ground operations, the creation of a central baggage area, and the development of a key nodal area to improve passenger and baggage flow. The project is targeting LEED Silver designation.

    Building Communities Award
    Project Name: Peace Wapiti Academy

    Submitted by: Leder Steel Ltd.
    CISC Members: Leder Steel Ltd., M & D Drafting
    Peace Wapiti Academy is a 500 student school in the Peace Wapiti School Division of Northern Alberta. Grande Prairie has welcomed close to 20,000 new residents since 2013, putting school enrollment at an all-time high.

    As the school division works to accommodate rising student populations, it is crucial that existing schools be kept in optimal condition. The original roof on the Peace Wapiti Academy was insufficient in supporting snow loads that accumulate every year. An innovative hybrid roof replacement was deemed the optimal solution for the Academy. Leder Steel fabricated and installed 157 tons of structural steel for a new 50,000-sq.-ft. roof over the existing structure.

    This hybrid style of roof replacement provided several benefits. Primarily, the school was able to continue normal operations for the duration of the project with minimal disruption. The ornamental steel Wapiti antlers feature supporting the new roof structure is an architectural feature with both structural and ornamental impact. This design feature is unique to Peace Wapiti Academy and bolsters pride of ownership for the community.


    Steel Edge Award
    Project Name: Glacier Skywalk

    Submitted by: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
    CISC Members: Beauce Atlas Steel Fabricators, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
    In the fall of 2010, Brewster Travel Canada issued an Expression of Interest request for design build teams to create a new and exciting tourist attraction. They wanted to create an experience that would attract people from around the world to Jasper National Park. “Gobsmacked” and “visceral” were terms Brewster used to describe their expectations. The resulting Glacier Skywalk is a thrilling and dramatic structure featuring 30m of curved glass walkway extending 30m beyond the cliff face and suspended 280m above the Sunwapta River. By cantilevering the structure, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd., as design lead and structural engineer, was able to deliver the unique and exhilarating experience they wanted while blending the Skywalk in with the natural environment.


    Sustainability Award
    Project Name: Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

    Submitted by: Canam Buildings
    CISC Members: Whitemud Ironworks Ltd., Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd, Canam Buildings
    The Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre is a world-class facility built through a partnership between the City of Camrose, County of Camrose, Province of Alberta, and University of Alberta. The Centre was designed with a focus on sustainability, collaboration between all stakeholders, and community development.


    Architectural Award
    Project Name:
    Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Centre, University of Alberta
    Submitted by: Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.
    CISC Member: Whitemud Ironworks Ltd., Apex Structural Design
    The University of Alberta Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Centre is a 183,000- sq.-ft. facility that encourages healthy lifestyle choices by offering activities related to wellness. Components include a fitness centre, sports research and lab facilities, and student service spaces, as well as a new home for the Steadward Centre, a research and program centre for people with disabilities.

    Located on a prominent corner of the campus, the PAW Centre is a gateway showpiece for the university. In addition to the new building, existing buildings were renovated to accommodate new program space. The new and existing buildings are connected by an atrium-like “social street” incorporating student services to activate and energize a pedestrian thoroughfare that will serve as a major access point to the campus.


    Collaboration Award
    Project Name: The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce

    Submitted by: Collins Steel
    CISC Member: Collins Steel
    The Mosaic Centre will be a beautiful, environmentally friendly, positive energy environment for building occupants, people working at neighboring businesses, and residents of the surrounding community to enjoy. The project employs an IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) methodology, a framework that turns the various participants into collaborative team members, simulating a one-firm mentality. This group works together towards one goal: to maximize the value of the final product, the thriving commercial building as envisioned by the owner. Not only does the Mosaic Centre need to meet the three objectives (beauty, sustainability, affordability), it also needs to inspire a paradigm shift in workplace design and construction. The project’s ultimate success hinges on achieving this shift and inspiring change.